Charlotte - How we captured this

Charlotte 1st Photoshoot (1 of 370)-Edit.jpg

Let us share how we created this image of Charlotte!

Charlotte is the granddaughter of a really good friend of mine from work. Her mom was creating a Modeling Portfolio for her and I was honored to help create images for it. We met at a nice park in Cincinnati. For children, I take a few moments to see if they have the patience or even if they like “Posed” photos. Charlotte had so much energy and so many natural expressions when she was just let free to have fun. So we just let her run around the park with her older brother, and I just watched them through the camera.

This was shot with an Olympus OMD-EM1 Mark II with the Olympus M. Zuiko 40-150mm f2.8 Pro lens which game me a 80-300mm effective focal length. I also use two Godox AD200 portable lights in a Godox AD-B2 Dual Mount flash bracket with the 2 AD200’s installed, it gave me 400 watt seconds of light. The camera was set to Continuous Auto Focus and the flash was placed on a stand about 30 feet from where she was playing. The Godox X-Pro trigger was used in HSS TTL mode. This set-up allow me to sit on the ground and just shot without her paying too much attention to me.

In the hour that we shot, we captured a few hundred images but this was one of my favorites because of the pure innocent of her spirit and the beauty of her personality showed through.

The raw image was edited in Photoshop and this had very little retouching involved. I used NIK Silver Efex to convert the image to B&W.

The reality is, when I am blessed to have a person this amazing to photograph, it makes my job super easy. We had a great day shooting and I was fortunate to capture this timeless image. I expect that this image with be shared with her family for years to come.

Fred L Boyd